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Research using the FRS

Experiments using the FRS (2005-2012)

Some of research topics

Research topics at the FRS include:
 » Production cross section measurements
 » Nuclear reaction studies of projectile fragmentation
 » Identification and decay studies of exotic nuclei
 » Fission of exotic nuclei
 » Projectile-fission of 238U
 » Isomeric decay studies using gamma spectroscopy
 » Experiments of astrophysical interest
 » Halo nuclei
 » Penetration of relativistic heavy ions through matter
 » Ion gas-catcher at the FRS
 » Mass measurements of exotic nuclei
 » Other experiments using the FRS as zero-degree spectrometer

Active proposals

Click here to view a relatively complete list of active experiments at the FRS up to 2001.


A relatively complete list of publications resulting from projects involving the FRS up to 2000 can be found here...

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