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Technical information

The FRS Setup
 »  The FRS standard detectors
 »  The gas supply system

 »  FRS setup steps
 »  FRS ion optics
 »  MagStat manual
 »  DriveStat manual
 »  FMGSkal manual

Data acquisition & electronics
 »  FRS electronics
 »  FRS DAQ pages
 »  MBS package
 »  An introduction to the GO4 analysis to be used at the FRS

 »  On-line version of the FRS Sharp calculator conversion programs.
 »  On-line version of the FRS Degrader calculator
 » ATIMA, a program to calculate various interactions of particles and matter
 » CHARGE/GLOBAL, programs to calculate properties of atoms passing through matter
 » MOCADI, a Monte Carlo simulation for beam transport through optical systems
 » GICOSY, a program for ion-optical calculations
 » EPAX, an empirical formula to estimate fragmentation cross sections (on-line version)

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