Experimental Facilities

TASISpec - TAsca Small Image mode Spectroscopy setup

The TAsca Small Image mode Spectroscopy setup (TASISpec) is an α-e--γ-X ray spectrometer installed behind the gas-filled recoil separator TASCA. Along with an impressive photon efficiency of more than 40% in the K-X ray energy region of the superheavy elements, it features high efficiency for the registration of α particles (80%). To detect γ rays, four Clover Ge detectors and one seven crystal Cluster Ge detector are installed. TASISpec is ideally suited for nuclear structure studies of nuclei in the region of Fm-Hs toward doubly-magic 270Hs, but also for measurements of X-ray energies of the heaviest currently known or claimed isotopes.

The TASISpec collaboration is headed by the group of Prof. D. Rudolph from Lund University, Sweden.