Information for External Experimenters


In order to participate in the beam times at GSI / TASCA, it will be necessary to register and conclude a guest contract with GSI.
Unfortunately, a little paperwork is necessary for this.
Responsible for processing your registration is the GSI “Welcome office”.
On the web page https://www.gsi.de/work/organisation/stabsabteilungen_stellen/welcome_office.htm you will find all the information, forms etc. you need for the registration (also for health insurance).

In contrast to what is described in the website, we ask you to send your documents directly to the welcome office!
Upon arrival at GSI, it will be necessary to stop by the welcome office anyway.
You will receive your GSI ID card there. You can then clarify any open questions personally with the staff there.

The following is absolutely necessary:
  • a valid ID Card or passport
  • a valid health insurance for Germany during the time of your stay (for guests from outside the EU)

Please indicate “Alexander Yakushev” as your “Local Contact Person”!
If you have any questions about the registration, please contact exclusively the welcome office!

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