9th Workshop on Recoil Separator for Superheavy Element Chemistry

November 18, 2010, GSI, Darmstadt, Germany

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Photo: G. Otto/ GSI

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Scienctific SHE highlights from gas-filled separator labs

  First main beam experiment of TASISpec - L.-L. Andersson
  Superheavy Element Research at the Berkeley Gas-Filled Separator - J.M. Gates
  Superheavy Element research at RITU - J. Uusitalo

Technical developments

  Average charge of heavy recoil ions in various gases and their mixtures - J. Khuyagbaatar
  Targets for SHE experiments with intense beams - K. Eberhardt
  Digital signal processing and the studies of short-lived charged-particle emitters - R. Grzywacz
  Towards online coupling of TRIGA-SPEC to the research reactor TRIGA Mainz - S. Nagy
  Prospects for Ion Mobility Spectrometry at the heaviest elements - M. Laatiaoui

Scientific developments

  Nuclear structure of SHE: current developments - R.-D. Herzberg
X-ray Fingerprinting of Element 115 Decay Chains - D. Rudolph
  Extraction Chromatographic Studies of Rf homologs with Eichrom’s Pb and Sr Resins - M.E. Bennett

Experiments behind gas-filled separators

  SHE researches at RIKEN - H. Haba
  Berkeley Gas-filled Separator Focal Plane and Beyond - K.E. Gregorich
  Chemistry experiments behind TASCA - A. Yakushev
  Gas phase chemistry with element 114 behind the DGFRS - R. Eichler

GSI, November 17, 2010

Contributions to the TASCA Collaboration Meeting

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