10th Workshop on Recoil Separator for Superheavy Element Chemistry

October 14, 2011, GSI, Darmstadt, Germany

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Photo: G. Otto/ GSI

List of Participants (pdf-file)
Program & Abstracts(pdf-file)
Poster (pdf-file)


Scienctific SHE highlights from gas-filled separator labs

  New results for 48Ca + 243Am from Dubna - R. Henderson
  Superheavy Element Research at the Berkeley Gas-Filled Separator - J.M. Gates
  News from TASCA - Ch.E. Düllmann
  Recent TASISpec Results - L.-L. Andersson

Scientific developments + Experiments behind gas-filled separators

  Absolute transmission and separation properties of the gas-filled recoil separator RITU - J. Uusitalo
  The average charge states of heavy recoil ions in the rarefied gas - J. Khuyagbaatar
  Metal-Carbonyl-Complexes: New perspectives in SHE chemistry and nuclear spectroscopy - J. Even

Technical developments

Future Direction of the SuperHeavy Element Program at the 88-inch Cyclotron: Upgrades to the
Berkeley Gas-Filled Separator
- G.K. Pang
  Preparation of Cf-249 targets for the synthesis of element 120 - J. Runke
  The 120 and 119 Data Acquisition Systems at TASCA - N. Kurz
  Signal processing and digitization of the analog front-end data - P. Wieczorek
  A new sc cw-LINAC – for Superheavy Element research (SHE) - S. Jacke

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