13th Workshop on Recoil Separator for Superheavy Element Chemistry

October 21, 2014, GSI, Darmstadt, Germany

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Photo: G. Otto/ GSI

List of Participants (pdf-file)
Program & Abstracts (pdf-file)
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Scienctific highlights from gas-filled (and other) separators

  Present status and future plans of SHE researches at RIKEN - H. Haba
  First synthesis and investigation of Sg(CO)6 - J. Even
  Probing the coexisting shapes at the proton drip line - J. Uusitalo
  Results from the 48Ca+243Am experiments at TASISpec - - cancelled - D. Rudolph
  Decay Study of 258Db at SHIP - F.P. Hessberger
  The first ionization potential measurement of lawrencium (Lr, Z=103) - T. Sato

Chemistry developments for future SHE experiments

  Formation of Mo/W carbonyls by means of laser-ablation method - Q. Zhi
Group VI Metal Hexacarbonyl Complexes: production, decomposition, modeling - I. Usoltsev
  Studies of flerovium homologs with macrocyclic extractants - J. Despotopulous

Facilities and technical developments

  SHELS - Separator for Heavy ELement Spectroscopy - A. Popeko
  Superheavy elements at GANIL - J. Piot
  A compact decay spectroscopy set-up for SHN research - D. Ackermann
  Status of the sc cw LINAC Demonstrator project - V. Gettmann

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