14th Workshop on Recoil Separator for Superheavy Element Chemistry

October 23, 2015, GSI, Darmstadt, Germany

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Photo: G. Otto/ GSI

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Scienctific highlights from gas-filled (and other) separators

  Status and perspectives of SHE syntheses at RIKEN GARIS - H. Haba
  First ionization potential measurement of heaviest actinides - T. Sato
  First observation of an atomic level for the element nobelium - M. Laatiaoui
  Status on the chemical investigations of flerovium at TASCA - L. Lens
  MARA, a new in-flight recoil separator for nuclear spectroscopy - J. Uusitalo
  New short-lived 221U and the mass-surface near N = 126 - J. Khuyagbaatar
  Enhanced fission stability of K isomers in superheavy nuclei: the case of 254Rf - H. David

Detector developments

  Diamond detectors, Tl adsorption on Quartz and E113 - P. Steinegger
Point-like contact Ge detectors for high resolution γ-spectroscopy - L. Harkness-Brennan
  Opportunity with the new ALBEGA multi-coincidence detector - A. Di Nitto
Testing of the new SHIP focal plane detector system - A. Mistry

(Old and) New avenues and technical developments for SHE

  Realistic modeling for in-flight gas-filled recoil separators - J. Sarén
  Radiochemical Investigation of the kinematics of multi-nucleon transfer reactions in 48Ca + 248Cm collisions at 1.1 x B - M. Götz
  Carbonyl chemistry developments for SHE studies - A. Türler
  Towards Cn and Fl selenides: unexpected Cn-Se bond formation - N.M. Chiera
  Fundamentals of the future gas stopping cell for online measurements behind TASCA - S. Götz
  Development of a rapid solvent extraction apparatus for aqueous chemistry of the heaviest elements - Y. Komori

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